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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) provides personalized and tailored exercise programs, based on your OMT diagnosis, to address damaging repetitive behaviors by re-patterning the muscles in your mouth, throat, face, head, and neck. 

By targeting the root causes of your symptoms, this non-invasive approach soothes, relieves, or eliminates tension, pain, and discomfort while improving facial aesthetics and overall well-being.

Orofacial Myology offers a comfortable and effective solution to eliminate harmful habits and promote a healthier oral-facial function.

Imbalances in oral and facial muscles can result in the compression of nerves and blood vessels within the head and neck region, consequently giving rise to recurring headaches. 

By addressing these imbalances through orofacial myology techniques, headache relief may be achieved.

The head, neck, face, and jaw encompass an intricate and fragile interplay of nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bone. Even seemingly innocuous daily habits or prolonged muscle tension can disrupt this remarkable system. 

Restore equilibrium to its fundamental state and alleviate discomfort.

Excessive tension in the oral and facial muscles can impose significant strain on the jaw. 

Implementing straightforward exercises aimed at restoring muscle balance through toning, relaxation, and retraining in neutral posturing can effectively alleviate the stress endured by your jaw.

Sleep disordered breathing can stem from various factors, including an untoned tongue, an untoned upper airway, mouth breathing, and unfavorable oral habits. 

With the Advantage Program, you will receive expert guidance in performing simple exercises that effectively clear your airway and retrain your sleeping patterns.

The transition from mouth to nasal breathing offers a multitude of benefits, including augmented brain function, strengthened immune system, reduced blood pressure, enhanced jawline definition, and improved core stability. 

Through the Advantage Program, our expert coaches will guide you through simple exercises to cultivate nasal breathing as a habitual practice.

Persistent placement of objects between the teeth and oral structures gradually molds the anatomy around these obstructions, disrupting the natural oral-facial symmetry. Akin to a tree growing around a fence in its path of growth.

With the Habit Elimination Program, we are equipped to assist you in permanently discontinuing such habits.

The Advantage Program is specifically tailored to help you relieve a range of chronic digestive discomforts caused by the swallowing of air, including stomach aches, burping, flatulence/gas, bloating, IBS, and acid reflux. 

Achieving relief from aerophagia involves retraining specific reflexive activities and behaviors that are currently unconscious.

Facial symmetry plays a significant role in our overall appearance throughout aging, and any imbalances can affect our aesthetic harmony. 

The Advantage Program provides a range of simple exercises to rebalance and restore:

- Define your jawline and cheekbones

- Reduce dark circles beneath your eyes

- Improve head and neck posture

- Eliminate adult baby pudgy cheeks

- Diminish gummy smiles

- Smooth the skin of your chin & lips

- Strengthen your core stability

- Increase range of motion in scar tissue after surgery

Mouth breathing during exercise and rest can deprive your muscles of vital oxygen. This can result in muscle cramps, dehydration, extended recovery times, heightened risk of injury, and limited endurance capacity.

The Endurance Advantage Program is specifically designed to guide athletes in discovering their natural optimal athletic advantage. 

Through this program, you can elevate your cardio endurance ceiling, reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps, maintain your heart rate within the desired zone, and increase your VO2 max for improved performance.

Orofacial Myology (OMT) eliminates tongue thrusting by retraining the muscles involved in swallowing and tongue posture. Through personalized exercises and guidance, OMT helps you develop beneficial oral habits, breaking free from tongue thrusting patterns. 

This results in improved oral function, eliminating the habit and promoting optimal oral health.

- Ortho relapse: the movement of teeth back towards their original position after braces.

- Misaligned teeth: open bites, crowding, buck teeth, tooth mobility...

- Speech impediments

- TMJ (jaw) discomfort

- Facial symmetry imbalances

- Swallowing difficulties

- Digestive discomforts: such as bloating, gas, burping, acid reflux, abdominal pain, coughing, hiccupping...